New Gum Treatment Option

Gum disease affects millions of American. Early treatment is best to prevent bone and teeth loss, but for moderate to severe cases of gum disease, the dentist may perform gum surgery to reduce the periodontal pockets that have formed around the gums. The bacteria in plaque collects in these pockets and damages the tissue around the teeth. With advancements in dental technology, dentists have the option of laser gum surgery, called LANAP®, with excellent results for patients who have periodontitis.

What Is LANAP®?

LANAP® is a procedure that does not use a scalpel to retract the gum tissue. Laser gum surgery is minimally invasive surgery. The laser can tell the difference between diseased and healthy tissue. It can remove the diseased tissue without harming healthy gum tissue. The laser stimulates the bone at the root of the tooth and encourages regeneration.

What Makes LANAP® Better Than Traditional Gum Surgery?

Laser gum therapy has a much faster recovery time over traditional gum surgery. The laser seals the site of the affected area, which prevents infection and promotes healing. Most patients don’t need any type of pain medication following the treatment. In addition, you can usually go right back to your routine.

Who Is a Good Candidate?

People who cannot undergo traditional gum surgery due to other health concerns are a good candidate for LANAP®. More advanced cases of periodontitis benefit from LANAP®. However, Dr. Breiterman will make a recommendation for treatment based on many different factors, including your overall health, the condition of your teeth and your own goals.

Get a Healthy Smile Today

Find out if you are a candidate for LANAP® laser gum surgery by making an appointment with Dr. Breiterman today. A beautiful smile gives you more confidence and self-esteem. A healthy mouth improves your quality of life. Don’t let periodontitis take over your health and smile, contact our office in Wayne, NJ today to schedule your appointment!


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