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It is our mission at Advanced Dental Techniques to provide you with the most comfortable dental care possible. Many patients avoid going to the dentist because of their apprehension. Dr. Laurence Breiterman provides sedation dentistry to ease our patients’ fears about having dental treatment completed. We provide various sedation options depending on your individual needs. From local anesthetic to oral sedation, Dr. Breiterman can help you have a relaxing dental experience.

Our Sedation services

Local anesthetic is used to numb a specific area for treatment. It usually lasts a couple of hours, and most patients return to their daily activities right after treatment. Dr. Breiterman uses several advanced techniques to make administering local anesthetic more comfortable. Needle free anesthesia and a comfort control syringe are two innovative tools we use to make you more comfortable during your procedure.
Nitrous oxide also known as laughing gas, has been used in sedation dentistry for many years. This odorless gas is inhaled through a mask, making you relaxed but not completely unconscious. When inhalation is stopped, the effects wear off rapidly and most patients do not require someone to drive them home. Nitrous oxide has been proven to be a safe sedation dentistry option and is used by more than 35 percent of dentists today in the United States.
Oral sedation is also referred to as sleep dentistry. Dr. Breiterman has been trained and is experienced in providing sedation dentistry for patients with an intense fear of dental treatment. The protocol for sedation dentistry can be customized for each patient’s physical and emotional needs. Patients will need to have someone available to drive them home after their dental appointment if sleep dentistry is employed for their procedure.
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Do not let fear rob you of your oral health!

Sedation dentistry and sleep dentistry can ease your anxiety. Nervous patients from Wayne, Franklin Lakes, Kinnelon, Montville, Oakland and Pompton Lakes, NJ are encouraged to schedule a consultation appointment with Dr. Breiterman today.

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