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Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique

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If you are suffering from unsightly receding gums, Dr. Laurence Breiterman offers a remarkably efficient gum recession treatment called the Pinhole® Surgical Technique (PST™) in Wayne, NJ. Not only are receding gums unattractive, they can also be a sign of gum disease. Ignoring signs of gum disease can cause a host of problems for your oral health and overall wellbeing.

Causes Of Receding Gums

Receding gums is often one of the early signs of gum disease. It can also be caused by improper tooth brushing, medications, genetic predisposition and hormonal changes. Whatever the cause, it is important that you see a professional for an evaluation if you notice signs of gum recession in Wayne, NJ.
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Signs Of Receding Gums

You may notice that your teeth appear longer than they used to if you have gum recession. Many patients notice a darkened indentation of the tooth at the gum line. Sensitivity to hot and cold is another indication that your gums are receding and not providing the protection they should.

Pinhole Surgical Technique

Dr. John Chao invented the Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique (PST™) as an alternative to gum grafting for gum recession treatment in Wayne, NJ. This technique gains access through a pinhole opening in the gums to repair the recessed area. Traditionally, gum recession treatment involves grafting tissue from another portion of your mouth to cover the area in deficit. Tissue grafting, while effective, is invasive and can take weeks to heal. Receding gums treatment in Wayne, NJ on the other hand, does not require cutting and suturing, so post-operative discomfort and healing time are greatly reduced.
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PST™ Procedure

Gum recession treatment with PST™ involves first making a pinhole access to the receded area. Dr. Breiterman will then use specialized instruments to loosen the tissue and move it into its proper position. You will see an immediate cosmetic improvement and several areas can be treated at the same time, saving you the inconvenience of multiple appointments. Patients from Franklin Lakes, Kinnelon, Montville, Oakland, Pompton Lakes with receding gums in Wayne, NJ are encouraged to schedule a PST™ consultation appointment today!

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