Enjoy The Benefits Of Same-Day Crowns

Anyone who has ever gotten a crown will remember the two to three visit process. You may vividly remember the goopy impression materials you had to bite down on and the temporary crown that didn’t look quite right. It may have even fallen out before your permanent crown was ready. However necessary your crown may be, the entire procedure can be uncomfortable and inconvenient. That is, if you are getting a traditional crown. There is another option, same-day dental crowns in Wayne, NJ.

Are Same-Day Crowns a Game Changer?

The experience of restoring your teeth with same-day crowns is drastically different than the traditional process. The technology relies upon digital scanners instead of impressions and CAD software that allows your dentist to design a 3D replica of your new tooth. A milling machine carves your new crown from a ceramic block that has been color matched to your teeth. Once completed, your crown can be permanently bonded. This all takes place in a single visit.

Advantages of a Same-Day Crown Dentist

  • No temporary crowns to worry about
  • No bad-tasting, goopy impressions
  • No need for multiple visits to the dentist
  • Get a fully restored smile in less than two hours
  • Metal free, mercury free crowns
  • Works with any tooth
  • Get a beautiful, natural-looking restoration
  • Advanced technology ensures a proper fit

If you would like to learn more these advanced technology crowns, schedule a consultation with Dr. Laurence C. Breiterman today. If you are considering a new dentist, don’t wait until you need emergency restoration. Dr. Breiterman offers a full range of dental services, as well as same-day dental crowns in Wayne, NJ, to save your smile while saving you time and money.


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