How To Manage Dental Anxiety Effectively

Are you one of the estimated millions of people who experiences anxiety at the mere thought of going to the dentist? This common reaction to getting dental treatment can happen for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, patient fear comes from a traumatic dental experience that happened a long time ago. For other patients, the worry may stem from their feelings of self-consciousness because their teeth and gums are in bad shape. Still more patients simply stay away from dentists because they think every procedure will hurt.

Can there be good news for people who fit into this category? Absolutely! In fact, plenty of advanced dentists offer proven methods to help patients deal with dental anxiety effectively. One of the most requested and safest is sedation dentistry in Wayne, NJ.

Understanding the Way Sedation Dentistry Works

Sedation dentistry utilizes the power of safe medications to produce calming effects in patients who would otherwise have difficulty sitting for examinations, cleanings, digital x-rays, tooth whitening, in-office surgeries or other dental procedures. The oral sedatives make the individual less concerned about the dental processes, making it easier for him or her to have a pleasant experience.

Before a typical oral sedation appointment, patients will take a pill an hour before arriving at the dentist’s office. When the oral sedative begins to work, the dentist and his team proceed with the pre-authorized dental work. The patient is not asleep during sedation dentistry, but is enveloped in a feeling of relaxation that continues throughout the entire appointment. When the sedation medication wears off, the patient may have a limited memory of what occurred during the procedure. Because sedatives do affect the brain and ability to physically respond to stimuli, patients must have a driver take them home rather than operating vehicles themselves.

How to Talk to Your Dentist About Sedation Options

Interested in learning more about sedation dentistry in Wayne, NJ, for yourself or a loved one? Contact our office today! You deserve to get the oral health treatments you deserve without feeling uncomfortable or anxious.


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