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Advanced technology

Dr. Laurence Breiterman, a dentist in Wayne, NJ, is passionate about providing excellent care in a relaxed atmosphere. Knowing that your Wayne dentist uses latest dental technology to provide the most efficient and comfortable treatments can help ease apprehension about dental visits.

Some of the advanced technologies we use

Platelet-Rich Fibrin, or PRF, is used to increase the healing for dental grafts.  PRF is made by using your blood and centrifuging it to separate out leukocytes and plasma cells which aid in healing and fighting infection naturally. We using PRF for sinus grafts, tissue grafts such as Pin-Hole grafting, and bone grafting prior to dental implant placement. PRF was first developed for burn victims, but has gone through many generational improvements. On the forefront of technology, Advanced Dental Techniques uses the latest PRF techniques to improve healing at surgical sites. PRF can also be used as a natural face filler instead of facial fillers and can be used with micro needling to give your tissue a refreshed, more youthful appearance.
With the use of an intraoral camera, both you and your dentist in Wayne, NJ are able to get a close up view of your teeth on a monitor. The intraoral camera is excellent for detecting small cracks or fractures that may not show on x-rays. Often times, fractures are not visible with the naked eye. Early detection and repair can prevent the tooth from breaking completely.
Digital x-rays offer benefits to both you as a patient and your dentist in Wayne, NJ. Dr. Breiterman is able to zoom into areas of concern on a high resolution monitor for precise diagnostics. Images are 3-D, providing us with an accurate view of all structures, including nerve canals and sinus cavities. As Dr. Breiterman reviews your x-rays, you are able to view the images to help you understand your dental health. Images can be efficiently sent to insurance companies and specialists electronically. Another bonus is that you are exposed to less radiation than with traditional x-ray techniques.
A misaligned bite can cause you to have pain in your jaw, teeth and muscles. Recurring headaches can also be caused by an incorrect bite. With T-Scan®, we can easily analyze the precise points that need to be adjusted.
Your dentist in Wayne, NJ is pleased to offer patients a needle free anesthesia option for many dental treatments. Oraqix® is an option available to adults requiring local anesthetic. It has proven very effective for periodontal scaling and root planing as well as a number of other treatments.
VELscope® Vx is a handheld device used to detect cancer and precancerous lesions in the mouth. Using a blue light and specialized filter, your Wayne dentist can easily detect abnormal cells that are not visible with the naked eye.
The Comfort Control Syringe ensures an optimal flow speed of anesthetic that reduces discomfort. Most people do not realize that the needle is not the most painful part of an injection of anesthetic. It is the anesthetic being administered too quickly that delivers the most pain. The Comfort Control Syringe delivers a slow, steady flow of anesthetic ahead of the injection needle, while keeping the flow rate at the optimal speed for patient comfort throughout the numbing process.

The reason CEREC crowns are so fast to build is because they are milled using CAD/CAM right there in the dentist office, so you don’t have to wait for an artisan to build it from physical impressions. This speeds the process up and allows you to go home with a crown at the end of that appointment

PerioLase Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP) is the latest technology used for safe and effective gum tissue restoration and periodontal tissue therapy. In 2004, PerioLase received FDA approval, which made it the only approved dental laser on the market.

The 3D cone beam scan is a type of CT scan. These scans can actually show more detail of the patient’s mouth and jaw than traditional dental x-rays. This 3D imaging allows Dr. Breiterman to precisely plan surgeries and implant placement to improve the results. They are also more comfortable for some patients since they are less invasive.

Allow the dentist to directly feed the 3D images of your teeth into the computers used to design and create your restorations, avoiding messy and uncomfortable traditional impressions.  

Wayne dentist Dr. Breiterman invites patients from Franklin Lakes, Kinnelon, Montville, Oakland and Pompton Lakes, NJ to come experience dentistry with modern technology. Schedule an appointment to see how easy addressing your dental needs can be with advanced technology.

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