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Advanced Dental Techniques For Your General Dental Needs

If you have lost all of your teeth, we create esthetically pleasing dentures. Wayne dentist, Dr. Breiterman, works with you to create the best fitting and most natural looking dentures possible. Some patients prefer to go with implant supported dentures for the security they provide. Traditional dentures, especially on the lower arch, can have a tendency to slip when eating or talking, while implant supported dentures are secured to stay in place.
Your dentist in Wayne, NJ, Dr. Breiterman, will work with you to save as many of your natural teeth as possible. Extraction may be necessary in cases of severe decay, advanced periodontal disease and other issues. Dr. Breiterman will talk with you about any possible measures that can be used to save your teeth as well as the types of replacements available if extraction is needed. Additionally, in the event that it is necessary, wisdom teeth can also be removed.

A misaligned bite can cause problems with your TMJ, leading to jaw pain, muscle aches and headaches. Broken and cracked teeth can also be caused by a bite that is hitting too hard in certain areas. An occlusal adjustment evens out your biting force so that no single area is taking all of the pressure. Your Wayne dentist uses computerized, advanced technology to determine the areas that need correction. Dr. Breiterman has completed advanced training in the treatment and management of TMJ disorders and the physiology of head and neck muscle systems, allowing him to adjust your biting surfaces for ideal occlusion.

Your dentist in Wayne, NJ may recommend a root canal if the center pulp of the tooth is damaged by decay, infection or breakage. Local anesthetic is typically administered to keep you comfortable during the procedure. Dr. Breiterman will remove the damaged center pulp, thoroughly clean the canals and then seal the tooth.

Dr. Breiterman has advanced training in the use of BOTOX®. BOTOX® therapy can be used to reduce the muscle contractions experienced by patients with TMJ disorders and for those with “gummy” smiles.

Advanced Dental Techniques

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