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We have listed some of the most commonly asked questions as a resource for you. Our staff in Wayne, NJ is happy to answer any questions you may have, so feel free to call with your questions or set a consultation appointment for specific treatment concerns.

Questions & Answers

The American Dental Association has recommended brushing three times daily to protect your teeth and gums. Flossing is an important part of your home hygiene regimen as well. Proper homecare and regular dental visits can help you avoid tooth decay and gum disease.
Most patients need to see their dentist twice a year for a professional cleaning and exam. Patients with periodontal disease or other oral health issues may need to visit their dentist more frequently. Your dentist in Wayne, NJ can let you know how often you should come in for cleanings and exams.
Prevention is the first step to maintaining your oral health. Many dental problems begin small and are undetectable without a professional evaluation. Tooth decay and gum disease are two examples of issues that can easily be treated in the beginning stages, but they can advance and cause a lot of damage. Visit your Wayne dentist to detect and resolve problems early on.

Finding a dentist who can meet your needs is important. Dr. Breiterman takes a personalized approach with our patients. It is important that your dentist is open to questions you may have and considers your personal situation when developing a treatment plan. You may want to inquire about the experience and training the dentist you are choosing has undergone. It is also important to know that your dentist is staying abreast of dental advancements and is a member of the American Dental Association.

Wayne dentist, Dr. Breiterman, also accepts patients from Franklin Lakes, Kinnelon, Montville, Oakland and Pompton Lakes, NJ. Feel free to call us with any additional questions you may have or to schedule a consultation appointment.

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