Why Do I Have A Toothache?

Few things are as debilitating as a toothache. The throbbing pain can make it impossible to eat, sleep, or concentrate. While there are many factors that can cause tooth pain, the most common include cavities, cracked teeth, an abscess, or wisdom teeth. Tooth pain is never normal and should be diagnosed as soon as possible to ensure that the problem does not worsen. Your dentist in Wayne, NJ, can determine the source of your tooth pain with an x-ray and detailed evaluation.


Tooth decay can cause pain, but a deep cavity is what will motivate most people to see the dentist. Caused by lack of brushing and flossing or an overabundance of sugary foods and drinks, cavities are indicated by sharp tooth paintooth sensitivity, pain when clenching or biting, and holes in your teeth.

Impacted Wisdom Teeth

When there is not enough room for your wisdom teeth to erupt, they can become impacted. This pain is located in the back teeth and can be in the upper or lower arch. These teeth can damage the surrounding teeth and create an environment that encourages decay and infection. Your dentist may need to remove them.

An Infected or Abscessed Tooth

Bacteria can make its way into your tooth through a cavity or crack. Once inside the bacteria infect the pulpy soft tissue in the center of your tooth. Because the pulp is made up of nerves, the pain can be intense. Without a visit to the dentist for treatment, the infection could spread.

A Cracked Tooth

While you might think that you should know if you cracked your own tooth, often there are no symptoms. Your dentist will need to take an x-ray to determine the extent and site of the damage. Symptoms of a cracked tooth include sensitivity to hot or cold food and drinks, as well as pain when biting down.

No matter the source of your tooth pain, never wait to schedule a visit to the dentist. Toothaches do not get better with time, they only worsen. If you need to see a dentist in Wayne, NJ, call our office to schedule an appointment with Dr. Laurence C. Breiterman. He can alleviate your toothache and help you restore the health of your smile.


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