5 Things Your Dentist Knows About Your Health

Do you feel as if your dentist must be a mind reader or have the incredible skill to predict the future? You are just responding to the fact that every top dentist interprets what he and his hygienists discover during dental check-ups and cleanings. In fact, a good dentist in Wayne, NJ can tell quite a bit about your dental health.

What does your dentist know about you, just from exploring x-rays and conducting examinations?

1. Your oral hygiene routine.

Forget about fibbing to the dentist about brushing twice daily or flossing between your teeth. He and his team can tell at your six-month visits whether you are or are not staying up to date with a recommended hygiene routine. If you are not, today is a great day to get started!

2. Your bone health.

When a dentist notices that you are losing bone strength in your jaw, he may recommend that you talk to your primary care physician. Loss of bone density can be a sign of systemic conditions, including osteoporosis. It may also be an indicator of progressive, untreated gum disease.

3. Your risk of oral cancer.

Every check-up we do includes an oral cancer screening to monitor our Wayne, NJ patients’ dental health. Oral cancer screenings are fast and efficient. They can also save your life if our team detects any anomalies, such as lesions or bumps. If we do spot an area of concern, we will refer you to an oncologist for further testing. Oral cancer can be cured if caught early.

4. Your past restorative and cosmetic dentistry treatments.

dentist will notice right away if you had a cavity filled 20 years ago or if the dental bridge you received as a college student should be replaced. Why does your dental past matter? Usually, it is indicative of future possibilities. Be upfront about any problems you are having with fillings, crooked teeth, lose teeth or jaw pain. Your dentist can intervene with the proper treatment solutions.

5. Your tendency toward tooth grinding.

Could you be a nighttime tooth grinder and not even know it? Perhaps. Your dentist will tell you when he looks at your molars. Over time, tooth grinding wears down the enamel on the tops of the molars, creating an environment favorable to tooth cracking, chipping and decay. Fortunately, tooth grinding is one of those dental health problems that is relatively simple to correct with the use of a customized night guard appliance.

Our dentist may not be able to tell you next week’s winning lottery numbers, but he can definitely help you get closer to optimum dental health in Wayne, NJ! Call our office today for an appointment to meet with Dr. Laurence Breiterman.


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