What To Do If You Feel Conscious About Your Smile

As one of the first and last things people remember about you is your smile. Your smile is part of what helps boost your self-confidence and your appearance. However, when there are issues that interfere with your ability to smile as effortlessly as you want to, Dr. Laurence C. Breiterman encourages you to consider cosmetic dentistry in Wayne, NJ.

The Process Is Easier Than You Think

Getting a new and improved smile is not as expensive or time-consuming as you may think. It is much more beneficial for you to invest in your smile now so you can reap the rewards for the rest of your life. The price of not having good self-esteem and confidence about your appearance is a steep price to pay because it can negatively impact your moods and relationships with your friends, family and loved ones.

Smile Improvement Options

Our dental office offers many smile enhancement options. If you have old metal fillings, you may not like the way your teeth look when you open your mouth. Or, if you have broken and chipped teeth, you probably do not like smiling or talking very much to others. Perhaps you have missing teeth or discolored and stained teeth. No matter what cosmetic issues are impacting your smile, Dr. Breiterman can resolve them with any of the following treatments.

·         Teeth whitening can be done in our office or at home

·         Invisalign® to straighten crooked teeth and reduce the appearance of any gaps

·         Bridges to replace missing teeth and eliminate gaps

·         Crowns to protect damaged or cracked teeth

·         Replace old metal and discolored fillings

There are many factors that can determine which cosmetic dentistry options are right for you. Along with your goals, current physical health and lifestyle, Dr. Breiterman will need to assess your current dental health before he can provide treatment recommendations.

You do not have to be ashamed of the way your smile looks any longer. If you are ready for a smile makeover, contact our office today to make an appointment with Dr. Breiterman to get started.


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