Warning Signs Of Impacted Wisdom Teeth

You’ve probably been around many people who have already had their wisdom teeth removed. But have you ever wondered how they knew it was time for a wisdom tooth extraction procedure?

Although some individuals opt to get their wisdom teeth removed before they have any problems, others wait until they start to see some of the age-old signs that their wisdom teeth have become impacted.

What are these signs indicating that you need to find a dentist who removes wisdom teeth in Wayne, NJ? Check out these common symptoms.

Sign #1: Your Mouth Is Throbbing With Pain at the Site of Your Wisdom Teeth

Your wisdom teeth are located in the very back of your mouth in the upper and lower jaws. When wisdom teeth become impacted, they put tremendous pressure on your other teeth, as well as the jawbone, soft tissues and surrounding nerves. This can lead to intense, throbbing pain that doesn’t go away.

As with any discomfort, you need to go to your dentist to have your wisdom teeth checked out. Pain is your body’s way of telling you that something is wrong!

Sign #2: The Soft Tissues Around Your Wisdom Teeth Are Tender and Bleeding

Are you noticing that it hurts or feels uncomfortable to brush the area around your wisdom teeth? Do your gums seem to be swollen? Are you experiencing bleeding gums where your wisdom teeth are located? These are common bodily reactions to the stress of having an impacted wisdom tooth.

Without proper intervention, such as wisdom tooth removal, your bleeding gums can lead to other issues like chronic bad breath, periodontal disease and infections.

Sign #3: You Have “Chipmunk Cheeks”

As anyone who has injured a body part knows, swelling is a normal reaction to trauma. That’s the reason so many patients who come to Dr. Breiterman for wisdom tooth removal have “chipmunk cheeks” that are swollen and tender.

By carefully removing the wisdom teeth and treating the infected area, the dentist can reduce the swelling and help your face return to its normal appearance.

Sound Familiar? Get Help for Impacted Wisdom Teeth!

Have you noticed any of these symptoms in yourself or someone else in your household? It’s time to take action.

Call our dental office for a consultation to discuss the possibility of wisdom tooth removal. The procedure is handled in-house under stringent, safe conditions. You’ll feel better knowing that your wisdom teeth won’t cause you any more problems!


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