The Importance Of Flossing And The Types Of Floss

Although brushing your teeth and seeing a dentist regularly is important, many of our patients skip a basic step that can not only save teeth, but also prevent the onset of gum disease. When it comes to caring for your teeth, flossing in Wayne, NJ, is almost as important as regular brushing.

When Should You Floss?

Some patients floss before brushing; others floss after. Technically, there is really no right or wrong here, although flossing before ensures that all food particles are removed by a thorough brushing after.

The most important part of flossing is that you do it regularly. In order to turn flossing into a habit, try picking the same time of day to do it – morning or night. Remember that flossing should be comfortable rather than painful – don’t do it too hard. Along with adults, children should be flossing early in order to get in the habit and keep teeth healthy.

What Type of Floss Is Best?

Flossing is vital once a day, but turns out it’s not that important what type of floss you use. Some common types of floss are:

  • Tape – Made from plastic with a bit more stretch, this is a fairly new addition to the dental field.
  • Oral irrigators – Water flossers may not be as effective as more traditional methods of floss, but are still better than nothing.
  • Ultra-floss – This thicker floss can fit between tight spaces in the teeth, and is perfect if the space between each tooth in your mouth varies.
  • Unwaxed and waxed – If you have teeth that are closer together, these are your best option, although there is little difference between the two.
  • Flossing picks – These are valuable if you are flossing on the go or hate the feeling of floss around the fingers, and are disposable and easy to use.

These are all great options when it comes to flossing, and choosing the right one is a matter of personal preference and trial and error.

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