3 Facts About Laser Gum Surgery Vs. Traditional Gum Surgery

When a patient’s gum tissue becomes infected, prompt treatment is required. You will need to see a skilled dentist right away in order to prevent the infection from spreading and causing additional oral health issues. A great treatment you should look into is laser gum surgery in Wayne, NJ.

1. Amount of Pain

Anesthetic might be administered before the procedure depending on what the dental professional believes is best. Generally speaking, laser gum surgery is far less painful than the traditional method. This is largely in part because laser gum surgery uses lasers to pinpoint areas containing bacteria while traditional surgery requires cutting and suturing tissue.

2. Recovery Time

Traditional gum surgery may call for the diseased tissue to be removed. This increases the amount of recovery time you have, but a dentist will tell you how to care for your oral structures immediately following the procedure. Laser gum surgery does not remove anything other than bacteria, so recovery time tends to be a lot shorter.

3. Amount of Recession

Every patient is different, but for traditional surgery, some people may need a small amount of gum tissue to be removed, which reduces the gum line. This affects the appearance of the smile. In contrast, laser surgery is not as invasive. Your gum line should look the same after the procedure as it did before. This results in aesthetic advantages as well as a reduction in the sensitivity you would have gotten from hot or cold foods.

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