Same Day Dental Crowns

If you have ever had a tooth crown placed, you most likely remember the goopy impressions, unreliable temporary crown, and multiple visits to the dentist. However, things have changed. Advances in dentistry allow us to create and place your permanent restoration in a single visit. Same Day Dental Crowns are an excellent option for everyone, especially those who are unable to take multiple days off or those who experience dental anxiety.

How Same Day Dental Crowns Replace Traditional Restorations

Single visit crowns follow the same basic steps as traditional crowns, but offer more comfort and convenience to patients. With Planmeca E4D technology, your dentist in Wayne, NJ, can:

1.       Prepare your tooth, creating a solid structure to accommodate the crown

2.       Create a 3D representation of your tooth without the need for unpleasant impressions or uncomfortable x-ray films

3.       Fabricate a tooth, right in the office, that will match the shape and shade needed to restore your smile

4.       Permanently place your new crown, eliminating the need for interim restorations that are typically worn for two weeks or so

The Benefits of Same Day Dental Crowns with the dentist

1.       No need to live with a temporary tooth crown, which may not match the surrounding teeth or worse, may fall out

2.       Impressions are taken digitally and provide a comprehensive model of your mouth

3.       You get a restoration that was created in-house, with quality control performed by your own trusted dentist

4.       You do not have to wait three weeks to have your smile restored

If you need a restoration and are looking for a dentist in Wayne, NJ, who performs Same Day Dental crowns, call our office. Dr. Laurence Breiterman would be happy to help you improve the health and appearance of your smile. Contact us to schedule a consultation.


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