Do I Need Bone Grafting To Qualify For Dental Implants?

A common question we get at Advanced Dental Techniques is if a patient qualifies for dental implants. One of the key factors that determines implant success is the quality and volume of the jaw bone. For those interested in dental implants in Wayne, NJ, we offer effective bone grafting treatment that can restore your jaw to acceptable levels for implant placement. Not sure if you need to speak to Dr. Lawrence Breiterman about bone grafting? Take this short four question quiz to find out!

1. How many teeth are you missing (not including wisdom teeth)?
a. I have all my teeth!
b. I am missing 1-2 teeth
c. I am missing 3-5 teeth
d. I am missing 6 or more teeth

2. How long have you been missing teeth?
a. I have all my teeth!
b. Missing around 1-4 months
c. Missing around 5-8 months
d. Missing around 8 or more months

3. Do you suffer from any of the following conditions?
a. I have no health problems!
b. I have experienced oral trauma
c. I have periodontitis or advanced periodontitis
d. I have osteoporosis

4. Have you noticed any of the following problems?
a. I have no problems with my teeth
b. I have loose, shifting teeth
c. My bite feels off
d. My facial appearance looks aged or “sunken-in”

Assign yourself the following points based on your answers and count up the total number of points:
• For every A, give yourself 0 points
• For every B, give yourself 1 point
• For every C, give yourself 2 points
• For every D, give yourself 3 points

0 points: You likely don’t need bone grafting!
1-4 points: See your dentist to discuss ridge preservation.
5-8 points: You likely will need bone grafting treatment if you want dental implants in Wayne, NJ.
9 or more points: See your dentist soon to discuss bone grafting to save your smile.

Call our office today to schedule an appointment and discuss your results with Dr. Breiterman. We always strive to provide effective, timely treatment for those seeking dental care at Advanced Dental Techniques.


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