Don’t Let Your Missing Teeth Fool You

With April Fool’s Day just around the corner, it’s important to remember when it comes to your oral health, never fool yourself. You can think you can get away with missing teeth until you’re prompted to get dental implants. Immediately replace missing teeth, instead of trying to conceal the issue like so many others.

Eating Only Certain Foods

When you lose teeth, tough foods like apples and walnuts are even harder to chew on. You might feel like you can get away with chewing on only one side of your mouth, right?  Well, over time this just overtaxes that side of your mouth, causing pain in your teeth and jaw joints.

You could resort to eating softer foods, but that often means the items are heavily processed. This food is less healthy and will result in deteriorated health over time.

Avoiding Smiling

No-one looks great with missing teeth, as far as esthetics are concerned. This means some people might avoid smiling, especially if there’s a space towards the front of their mouth. This  insecurity could be bad from a social perspective because if you go through dramatic efforts to mask your smile, people you encounter may think you’re not being friendly.

Avoiding More Social Activities

Another justification for considering dental implants is, if you’ve lost teeth due to gum disease. In addition to missing teeth, you might experience halitosis aka bad breath. Bad breath combined with a poor visual image of a smile, people simply stop going out to enjoy activities.

Dental Implants Are the Solution

Dental implants will improve your quality of life immensely. You’ll be able to eat more food, speak like you used to and preserve the health of your jawbone. Dental implants prevent your teeth from going to other places and you will be assured that you can smile as much as you want.

Dr. Breiterman has helped numerous patients receive dental implants. You can schedule an appointment by calling or visiting us at our Wayne, NJ offices. You can also check us out online to be the next one to receive dental implants!


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