Don’t Be Fooled By Gum Disease This April

The team at Advanced Dental Techniques wants to prevent everyone in Wayne, NJ from getting fooled this April 1—April Fool’s Day — by sharing the  signs pointing to gum disease. Although bleeding while brushing your teeth is an indication that you might have problems, the reverse is not always true.

You don’t need to have gums that bleed to get gum disease. Our dentist, Dr. Breiterman, takes a comprehensive approach to treating gum disease and stopping it from developing into teeth loss and severe medical problems like heart disease and certain cancers such as oral and pancreatic cancer.

Signs of Gum Disease

The early stages of gum disease is called gingivitis. It is created by plaque in the mouth, which if not washed and flossed clean, builds up on the teeth and gums everyday. Search google for the following signs aside from the bleeding gums.

  • Gum irritation: Tenderness, redness and swelling
  • Receding gums: Teeth appear longer as gums pull away
  • Loose teeth: Teeth may be loose or spreading apart and can change your bite
  • Bad taste/breath: Brushing may remove the taste or odor for a short time, but it persists

Gum disease can be stopped, however, even in advanced stages. Dr. Breiterman offers a variety of periodontal services to halt its progression and clear away bacteria and infection.

Periodontal Maintenance

This is an ongoing program of periodontal cleaning. It is designed to clean stubborn plaque and bacteria and prevent further bone loss.

Scaling and Root Planing

Scaling cleans and removes infection above and below the gum line. Planing smooths tooth roots and encourages healthy gum tissue to reattach.

Bone Grafting

A graft replaces bone tissue and restores the structure of your face. A bone graft also allows future dental implants.

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Learn more about dental techniques to treat gum disease in Wayne, NJ for which you may be a candidate. Contact our office at or visit online to schedule an appointment. Dr. Breiterman can discuss all of your options and recommend a course of treatment designed to restore your oral health.


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