Can Osteoporosis Affect Your Smile?

Most people don’t give osteoporosis much thought especially because the dangers of bone loss are often associated with seniors and fall-related fractures. The truth is that osteoporosis can actually begin in the mid-thirties, when bone loss outpaces bone growth. This gradual bone loss makes you more susceptible to bone breakage but additionally, threatens oral health since your tooth roots are encased in your jawbone. The month of May provides an excellent opportunity to discuss the effects of bone loss upon your smile as it is National Osteoporosis Awareness and Prevention Month.


How Bone Loss Affects Your Oral Health

The bone density in your jaw is critical to the health of your teeth. Your tooth rests in a socket, which is essentially bone. Beautiful, healthy smiles require sufficient bone density to support your teeth. Teeth and bone also contribute to your facial structure which is why people with long-term bone loss appear to have receding chins or pronounced cheek hollows. Preserving oral health and appearance is yet another reason to protect against osteoporosis in Wayne, NJ.


The Link between Osteoporosis and Gum Disease

The gradual bone loss of osteoporosis can be hastened by tooth loss. When gingivitis advances to periodontitis, for example, the bacteria in your mouth will damage and erode the bone tissue at a much faster pace. With less support, teeth shift and become easy to move. If the tooth is lost entirely, the rate of bone loss is expedited still.


Osteoporosis and Your Choice of Tooth Restoration

Even those who have been living with tooth loss for years run into difficulties. For denture wearers, the bone loss process will continue indefinitely, requiring adjustments and refittings. If you choose to get dental implants, bone grafts will be necessary to correct the effects of osteoporosisFortunately, dental implants are the one tooth restoration method that can stop bone loss due to osteoporosis in Wayne, NJ.

Osteoporosis isn’t limited to the bone in your hip or your wrist. It includes the bone that supports your teeth as well. To learn more about bone loss and oral health, schedule a consultation with Dr. Breiterman. We can help you protect your smile.


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