4 Advanced Dental Technology Benefits You Should Know About

The benefits of today’s advanced dental technology are numerous. Not only are modern procedures more efficient, they also encourage faster healing times.

Here’s a look at just some of the benefits you get from visiting a dentist like Dr. Laurence Breiterman who uses advanced technology.

1.     Diagnosis

Technology helps to diagnose conditions with greater accuracy. For example, digital x-rays offer a clearer and more precise view of bones and teeth to find out what’s going on below the surface of your gums.

With an intraoral camera, our dentist can get a close-up view of your teeth on a monitor, which helps to detect fractures or small cracks that don’t always show up on x-rays. And our VELscope Vx is a handheld device that can detect precancerous lesions and cancer in your mouth that aren’t usually noticeable with the naked eye.

2.     Treatment

Whether you have a cavity in Wayne, NJ or something more serious, technology has made treatments more effective. For instance, when making teeth impressions, we can now use digital tools to increase the effectiveness of your personal treatment plan.

3.     Precision

Advanced technology such as lasers helps you receive more accurate results when undergoing procedures like laser gum surgery. Your gums can be treated more precisely with the right tools. Another example is our T-Scan. Using our T-Scan for bite adjustments allows us to analyze the precise points for adjustment in a misaligned bite.

4.     Comfort

Patients today can benefit from a more comfortable experience when you visit a technologically advanced dentist. Some advanced procedures allow you to experience little to no discomfort and others offer faster recovery times. Needle-free anesthesia, for example, is ideal for many dental treatments, especially root planning and periodontal scaling. The Comfort Control Syringe makes for the optimal flow of anesthetic, reducing discomfort significantly.

If you have a cavity in Wayne, NJ or want to find out more about how advanced dental technology can help you, contact our practice to schedule an appointment with our trusted dentist, Dr. Breiterman.


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