The Important Risks Of Sleep Apnea You Need To Be Aware Of

Despite the dangers surrounding sleep apnea, many people still do not get the proper treatment. Whether you need to wear an oral appliance or CPAP device, it is crucial you take whatever action necessary to get your condition in check. Numerous complications and risk factors are capable of occurring otherwise.


Health Risks

Sleep apnea is a condition where an individual is unable to stay asleep at night because his or her breathing is constantly getting interrupted. These disruptions in air flow are able to lead to a variety of health complications, including:


· Decreased attentiveness

· Lowered productivity at school or work

· High blood pressure

· Stroke

· Heart problems

· Increased risk of premature death



Heart complications and high blood pressure are the long-term effects of not treating sleep apnea in Wayne, NJ. However, there are plenty of other less severe symptoms that can still significantly affect your everyday life. These include chronic snoring, memory loss, insomnia, headaches and mood swings. These can drastically alter how you behave all the time and can affect your relationships with other people.


Risk Factors

Some people develop sleep apnea due to genetics, and there is no way around that. However, a large portion of people develop this sleeping disorder due to lifestyle factors. These factors can be dangerous in more ways than one, and for the well-being of your overall health, it is better to address these factors as opposed to ignoring them. These risk factors include:


· Being overweight

· Smoking

· Using alcohol or other sedatives

· Having severe nasal congestion


Actions such as losing weight or quitting smoking are not only great for your sleep apnea. They are also great for your overall health.


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