Should Sedation Dentistry Be Used For Full Mouth Dental Implant Procedures?

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Full mouth dental implants in Wayne, NJ, are a comprehensive solution for individuals who have lost most or all of their teeth. Full mouth dental implants give patients a fixed, more stable alternative to dentures. The full mouth dental implant procedure involves the strategic placement of titanium dental implant posts into the patient’s jawbone, which act as artificial ‘roots’ for the new teeth or denture.

During a full mouth dental implant procedure, patients can be administered sedation to reduce anxiety and make the process more comfortable. Continue reading to learn in more detail how sedation is used during full mouth dental implant procedures.

What Is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry employs methods to relax patients by using sedatives prior to or during a dental procedure. These sedatives can range from mild inducers to help patients relax, to more potent substances that can induce deep sleep. The sedation option patients get administered largely depends on their comfort, their health and the dental professional’s discretion. Only dentists with additional training may offer sedation and are required to take courses regularly to stay current on the proper procedure to ensure patient safety.

Sedation dentistry is particularly advantageous when placing full mouth dental implants in Wayne, NJ. With sedation dentistry, a patient’s full mouth dental implant procedures can be anxiety-free and comfortable.

How Is Sedation Dentistry Used To Place Full Mouth Dental Implant In Wayne, NJ?

During a full mouth dental implant procedure, after reviewing a thorough health history and preplanning the surgery, the dental professional will administer sedation to the patient and carefully monitor their safety throughout the procedure. With sedation dentistry, patients will have a comfortable and anxiety-free experience. Once the sedation takes effect, the dental professional accurately and securely places the full mouth dental implants in the patient’s mouth.

A temporary prosthesis can then be attached to the full mouth dental implants while the final prosthesis is being made. When the final prosthesis is ready, they are attached to the full mouth dental implants. The result is a fully restored, natural-looking, and functional set of new and improved teeth. Sedation ensures that this entire full mouth dental implant procedure process is comfortable and manageable for the patient.

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