Scared Of The Dentist? Sedation Dentistry Can Help

At Advanced Dental Techniques, our goal is to give you a relaxing experience in the dentist’s chair, completely free of dental anxiety and fear. We know that many patients avoid important treatments because they have a fear of the dentist, and we are committed to using sedation dentistry to help our patients overcome their worries.


Some patients are terrified at the idea of having their teeth cleaned, and more extensive procedures seem too scary to be a possibility. Fortunately, with the options we offer for sedation, patients can actually relax and enjoy a visit to the dentist.


Nitrous Oxide

Informally referred to as laughing gas, nitrous oxide is given through a mask that is placed over the nose. As the patient breathes in, the gas is inhaled and keeps you conscious but helps you relax significantly. Nitrous oxide has been used in dental offices for decades. The benefit is that once the mask has been removed, the effects wear off quickly and there are rarely any residual effects. More than 35 percent of dentists in the United States use nitrous oxide as a sedation option.


Local Anesthetic

Dentists will also numb a specific area during treatment with a local anesthetic applied with a shot. The numbness will stick around for several hours, but patients can return to regular life right after treatment. Dr. Breiterman also offers a comfort control syringe and needle free anesthesia to make the process even more comfortable.


Oral Sedation

Also referred to as sleep dentistry, this option is reserved for those with severe fear of visiting the dentist for treatment. Application and medications change based on the emotional and physical needs of the patient. Once the procedure is over, most patients require someone to take them home, as it takes several hours for the medication to wear off.


Fear of the dentist should never rob you of the healthy mouth you want. We are trained and equipped to help our patients deal with their anxiety even as they receive important treatments. Contact our practice in Wayne, NJ to schedule your next appointment!


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