Is TMJ Pain Prevention Possible?

Thanks to the brilliant complexities of your many different body systems, you are able to do everyday mundane tasks with relative ease. Day-to-day living eventually becomes so simple that you begin to take for granted all of the small, simple things you consistently do. Perhaps that is why health problems that can affect your abilities to do such tasks can so be debilitating. Of the many different functions you perform daily, none may be more instinctive that using your mouth.

Your temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is what allows your lower jaw the freedom of movement to perform functions such as talking and chewing. Chronic or acute pain in the joint or its surrounding muscles is referred to as temporomandibular joint disorder, or TMD. This condition can turn the task of using your mouth into a painful nightmare that can last for years.

Actions that Contribute to Jaw Pain

Oftentimes, TMJ results from facial trauma or other external sources. Yet it can just as easily arise as the product of a degenerative condition, such as rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis. Just as there are certain practices that help strengthen your body in order to avoid such conditions, are there also things you can do to help keep TMJ from taking hold in your jaw. These include:

•  Avoiding overuse: The constant repetition of chewing gum can cause deterioration in your jaw over time. Avoid excessive gum chewing, as well as stressing your jaw by eating hard foods.

•  Maintaining good posture: Your jaw muscles are subject to the same wear-and-tear that results from poor posture as other muscle groups. Thus, keeping good head and neck posture throughout the day helps eliminate the potential for pain.

•  Relaxing: Reducing your stress levels also leads to reduction in overall muscle tension. Learn the techniques need to avoid stress and keep your muscles relaxed when not in use.

Countless people suffer from jaw pain in Wayne, NJ, yet you need not experience the same anguish. By adopting certain practices into your daily lifestyle, you may be able to avoid the conditions from which TMJ arises. If, however, you are currently experiencing it, do not put off treatment. Dr. Breiterman can offer you the assistance needed to get you back to enjoying a pain-free bite. To schedule a consultation, call us at Advanced Dental Techniques today.


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