Investing In Periodontal Treatment Pays Off With A Healthy, Beautiful Smile

Have you recently decided to have your teeth straightened? If so, congratulations! Straight teeth are known to improve confidence and dental functionality, and they are typically easier to clean than crooked teeth. Now that you have made the decision to straighten your teeth, you are probably wondering what orthodontic option is the best choice for your needs. Should you go with traditional braces or try clear aligners? While there is no single correct answer for everyone, here are three ways Invisalign® in Wayne, NJ, outshines traditional braces.

1.       Convenience

Invisible aligners are incredibly convenient when it comes time to brush, floss or eat. This is because they are not permanently fastened to your teeth like traditional braces. Instead, they are placed over your teeth, almost like a cap or mouthguard. They can be removed as needed to enjoy meals and thoroughly clean the teeth, but they should always be immediately reapplied and worn as often as recommended by your dentist for best treatment results.

2.       Appearance

Just as the name suggests, Invisalign® in Wayne, NJ, is practically invisible. So, if you are eager to have your teeth straightened without attracting unwanted attention to your orthodontic appliances, invisible aligners may be ideal. They also consistently deliver reliable results, so you can rest assured that your post-treatment smile will be straight and beautiful.

3.       Comfort

Did you know that traditional braces frequently get caught on the inner cheeks and lips of the wearer? This is because they come with metal brackets and wires that protrude from the teeth and get caught on soft oral tissues. Since clear aligners are completely smooth on the surface, they provide superior comfort to the wearer and do not snag.

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