Have Bad Oral Hygiene Habits? Here’s How To Break Them.

Dentists spend a lot of time encouraging healthy habits, like good home care, regular professional cleanings, and annual exams. Did you know that there are a number of common, every day habits that can threaten your dental health in Wayne, NJ? Read on to learn what these habits are and how you can break them.

Say Goodbye to These Dental Health Harmers

  1. Chewing ice: The consistency of the ice coupled with the cold temperature can result in fractured teeth, even small, hairline fractures. This is also true of hard candy or popcorn kernels. Instead, try chewing celery or carrots for the same crunch. At the very least, opt for crushed ice over cubes.
  2. Grinding your teeth: Whether it is a result of stress or a misaligned bite, bruxism is a dental health disaster. Much like chewing ice, it can result in chips or fractures. Worse, it can lead to a painful condition, temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD). If this is an issue, your doctor can provide you with a custom night guard to protect your teeth, as this usually occurs during sleep.
  3. Using your teeth as tools: Never open bottles or rip open bags with your teeth. Your dentist has treated numerous chipped or fractured teeth for this reason. Break this bad dental health habit by keeping tools, like scissors in convenient places nearby.
  4. Drinking soda all day: Sugary drinks are terrible for your dental health. Water is a much healthier choice. If you must drink soda, drink it through a straw to minimize the exposure to tooth surfaces.
  5. Not giving 100% to your oral care routine. If you are brushing at least twice and flossing once per day, then you are meeting your dental health goal, but how is your technique? Talk to your dentist about how you should be brushing and which type of toothbrush you should use. You may be surprised to learn that you have forgotten a lot about proper dental health care.

For a healthier smile, schedule your consultation with Dr. Laurence C. Breiterman. Our experienced dentist makes patient education a priority. Let us help you to improve your dental health in Wayne, NJ.


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