Dental Implant Considerations

At advanced dental techniques in Wayne, NJ, Dr. Breiterman and his expert dental team want to provide their patients with the best possible information. If you are thinking about undergoing a dental implant procedure then continue reading below for vital information before your treatment.

  1. It is an outpatient procedure

This means you’ll be able to go home right after your treatment is complete. We advise that you arrange for someone to get you back home safely, just in case.

  1. Damaged teeth must be removed

Before your treatment, Dr. Breiterman will evaluate your teeth and will remove any that are beyond repair this includes teeth that are heavily damaged and decayed.

  1. The area of the damaged tooth is examined

A visual inspection is conducted after the removal of unworthy teeth. If the doctor sees any signs of infection, that area must be treated and corrected.

  1. Images of the jawbone are taken to determine if it is good enough for an implant

The process entails taking x-rays that can be used to determine bone density. If the bone is thick enough, the process of drilling through the jaw and placing the implant goes on as planned.

  1. A bone graft is required

If you are lacking an adequate amount of bone density then a bone grafting procedure might be the best solution to help place the implant. This helps to increase the thickness of the bone allowing the implant post to attach itself.

  1. The surgeon will place the implant after the bone heals

When your bone graft has full heald and fused with your jawbone, the surgeon will then place the implant into the jaw.

These are just some of the things that you will need to consider and keep in mind before your operation. To get the full extent of information prior to your treatment schedule an appointment to speak with Dr. Breiterman.


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