Celebrate Dental Hygiene Awareness Month: What Is On Your Plate?

October is a special time of the year, especially as we all get ready for the upcoming holidays. It’s also an opportunity to celebrate Dental Hygiene Awareness Month! You can do your part to commemorate this special 31-day period by keeping in mind that everything you put into your body has an effect on your teeth and gums. Consequently, feel free to add the following items to your daily and weekly snacking.

Green and Black Tea

Did you know that most selections of green and black tea have natural antibacterial properties? This makes your dentist in Wayne, NJ, very happy. Every time you drink your tea, the liquid helps wash away bacteria and foodstuffs that can lead to the first symptoms of gingivitis, such as bleeding gums. Worried about tooth staining? Green tea tends to stain less than black tea, and most tea stains can be removed with professional teeth whitening.

 Tree Nuts

Love pistachios, almonds, hazelnuts and other tree nut varieties? Although you’ll want to watch how often you indulge in these higher-calorie treats, you can rest easy knowing they contain tons of vitamins to support healthier teeth, bone and gums. It can be tough to stop after just a few nuts, so try adding them to other foods to increase your satisfaction without going overboard. For instance, toss a few on your veggie salad at lunch, or pop some into your late-night yogurt.

Dairy Products

While you don’t want to eat all the sugary ice cream in the world, you should still maintain a high daily dose of dairy to get the calcium and vitamins your body—and mouth—craves. Lactose intolerant? Milk allergy? Some alternative or lactose-free products still give you the benefits without any of the physical discomfort.

 Vegetables and Fruits

Which produce options are best suited to remove particles from between your teeth and gums? In general, the crunchier the foods, the better. Think celery, apples, carrots and other munchies. Although fruits do naturally contain sugar, they are still much less likely to cause cavities than candies and desserts!

Dental Hygiene Awareness Month is a great reminder to set up your next appointment with your dentist in Wayne, NJ. Schedule your appointment today!


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