Are Full Mouth Dental Implants Able To Restore The Look And Function Of My Smile?

a full mouth dental implant patient and an implant dentist after a procedure.

Losing your teeth can ruin your smile and affect your ability to eat the foods you enjoy. Replacing dentures with full mouth implants can restore your ability to eat comfortably with confidence and have a beautiful smile Continue reading to learn more about how full mouth dental implants can restore a patient’s smile.


How Are Full Mouth Dental Implants Placed?

Full mouth reconstruction with implants usually involves having 6 or more implants placed. The surgery is planned and performed by Advanced Dental techniques in Wayne, NJ using 3-D cone beam scanners, digital impressions and 3-D printed surgical guides that allow implants to be placed precisely as planned. The prosthesis or denture can then be placed and cemented on top of the abutment, the part that connects the dental implant posts to the prosthesis or denture.


How Do Full Mouth Dental Implants In Wayne, NJ Benefit My Smile?

Full mouth dental implants are able to restore the esthetics and function of a patient’s smile by acting like natural tooth roots. The dental implant posts stimulate the patient’s jawbone, like natural tooth roots do, giving them a healthy and dense jawbone.

With a dense and healthy jawbone, full mouth dental implants can give patients a new smile that allows them to have a normal diet, speak with ease, and smile with confidence. Patients will be able to speak, chew, and smile naturally with full mouth dental implants because their new smile can be custom made. In using precision focused techniques and technologies, patients will be able to get a new smile that looks and feels natural in their mouth.

By getting treated with full mouth dental implants, patients will be able to restore their mouth and eat comfortably.


We Can Treat You With Full Mouth Dental Implants

Are you unsure if you can transform your imperfect smile with full mouth dental implants? You can come to our beautiful, modern office for a consultation to see if full mouth dental implants are the right procedure option for you. Get in contact with Dr. Breiterman or Susan, our implant coordinator, and our quality team to schedule an appointment today!

Your new smile could be just a few appointments away.


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